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Art Expeditions (from most recent):

2018: Upcoming: “Trees & Tundra” Top of the Boreal Forest on an Ancient Route Across Nunavik: 435-mile route from Umiujaq on Hudson Bay – Kuujjuaq on Ungava Bay and traversing the new Tursujuq

2017: Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument Montana

2016: Ending the Beginning; back to the Missinaibi and James Bay

2015: Northern Rim of the Boreal Forest Part III

2013: Northern Rim of the Boreal Forest Part II

The Northern Rim of the Boreal: Part 1 - Noatak River
July 29 - September 2, 2012

The Heart of the Boreal: August 2 - August 29, 2011
A month long canoe expedition in the Boreal Forest of north-western Ontario.

Quebec Trans-Labrador Recon: August 29 - October 12, 2009
This expedition was designed to explore several aspects of a developing environmental education project.

Lake Kamestatin, Labrador: September 29 - October 18, 2008
The Tshikapisk Foundation in Sheshatshit, Labrador invited us to Lake Kamestatin where for over 7,5000 years the Mushua-Innu have met the George River caribou herd on its spring and autumn migrations. We explored the region in preparation for further work in the area next year, photographed bears, ptarmigan and well over a thousand caribou at close range and helped winterize the cabins and main lodge.

This expedition was made possible by the generosity and insight of the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Slate Islands, Lake Superior: 2008

NMCA Winter Walk: 2008
This expedition was an exploration of the beauty and recreational opportunities of the newly designated Lake Superior National Maritime Conservation Area (NMCA) in winter.

Lake Superior: 2007

Rio Grande: 2006/2007

George River: 2006
This is the centerpiece expedition for Visions of the Boreal Forest.

George River Recon: 2005
On the river from August 30 - September 12, 2005 from Mushua-ni-pi ("Land of no trees" - Indian House Lake) to Kangiqsualujjuaq. This expedition was run as a recon to assure a well paced, productive and safe main art expedition in 2006. Crew: Dr. Jim Evans, Ken Whiting, Joanie & Gary McGuffin, Rob Mullen, Lindsey Foggett and Jeff Whiting.

Chapleau River: 2004
Chapleau, Ontario to Elsas, Ontario; September 4-14, 2004. Crew: Lindsey Fogget, Lee Kromschroeder, Rob Mullen and D. Wagner.

Missinaibi: 2003

Harricana River: 2002
In an unplanned turn of events, Rob Mullen completes half of the expedition solo.

Missinaibi: 2001
Maiden voyage. This trip marked the beginning of WREAF.

*Wilderness Ethic:

To the extent practicably possible for relatively large groups in the bush, we practice "Leave No Trace" camping techniques.

Caribou Shaking Dry, Lake Kamestatin Waves Crashing in the Sunrise Snow Walker Shadows The Power of Lake Superior Rob in Santa Elena X-mas Eve 2006 George River Expedition Crew George Recon Expedition Crew Morning on the Chapleau River