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Art from the Field:

From Rob Mullen:

These expeditions are meant to inspire, and, as an artist myself, I in no way dictate how that inspiration comes about or is used; no one has to do field paintings. If an artist simply wants to let the experience wash over them and paint about it later, then that is fine. However, the first expedition on the Missinaibi River in 2001 was envisioned as a total immersion painting trip and field painting and sketching have been key parts of most of the expeditions since (on a few trips conditions have not encouraged a lot of art in the great outdoors). All of the artists on expeditions so far have done field work during the expedition. I am posting as much as I have access to here and will add to it as new expeditions are run (or artists find paintings in odd corners; I've lost a few).

Four studies in oil

Dawn over Sheesheeb Bay

Lights above camp

Rainbow from Katrina

George River

George River

Morning sky - Nutilillik and George Rivers


Dramatic skies

Sunset from above Helen Falls

Dwarf Birch

George River

Boreal forest floor

Overlooking the George River

Dawn on the George River

Waterfall from the tundra heights

Last camp above Helen Falls

Helen Falls kettle hole

Lesser Yellowlegs - Paradise Island

Sentinels - Upper Madison Falls

Rainbow over Tee Harbor Head

Slate Island sunrise

Slate Island sunrise