Jane English: The Ceremony Cards, Introduction & Workshop

6:30PM Wednesday, December 2

Cafe Anna, College Hall, Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier

ceremonycardsFor millennia, the Kalaallit (Greenlandic) people not only survived but thrived in a land of cold winter darkness and summer midnight sun, a place where the natural world was both spectacularly beautiful and unforgivingly harsh. Survival required that practical knowledge and skills be integrated with a rich inner life so that, within each person, family and community, both the seen and the unseen were woven intricately together in the ceremony of life.

Please join us for an introductory workshop with the Ceremony Cards, which were developed to capture both the natural wonder of the Greenlandic landscape and the traditional wisdom of the Greenlandic culture. The Ceremony Cards combine evocative photographs of Greenland with words and phrases from Greenlandic culture. Using the cards as a divination tool allows wisdom from the Far North to spark and facilitate a conversation within (and amongst) ourselves, a conversation in which the Ceremony Cards are an invaluable inspirational aid, especially for those of us who are just coming to know and trust our own intuition.

In an illustrated presentation, Jane will share some of the insights from Greenland that led her to develop the Ceremony Cards and will explain some of the ways in which the cards may be used. Participants will be able to break into small groups to use and play with the Ceremony Cards. Sets of Ceremony Cards, as well as some of Jane’s books, photographs and 2016 calendars, will be available for purchase.

Visit http://theceremonycards.com to learn more about the cards. Jane’s paper on divination is also available on the website (http://www.theceremonycards.com/pdf/science.pdf), and you can see some of Jane’s books and calendars here –http://eheart.com

janeenglishJane English, who holds a doctorate in experimental sub-atomic particle physics from the University of Wisconsin, is a well-known author and photographer of nature whose images illustrate a best-selling translation of Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching, which she completed with her late husband, Gia-fu Feng. She is an active elder with the EarthWalk Vermont program. Since 2007, Jane has “walked with” the Greenlandic elder Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, and has traveled to Greenland four times.