CCS/WREAF 2014 Art Auction

Welcome to the Center for Circumpolar Studies & WREAF Artists’ Showcase & Art Auction. We are delighted to present this showcase for CCS/WREAF artists, featuring 41 original artworks from 9 exceptional artists. In addition to supporting the work of these artists, your purchases will help support CCS/WREAF programming. Thank you for participating!

Full-sized, high resolution images of each piece are provided for best viewing in the Auction Catalogue. Thumbnails are provided here to avoid any confusion in the bidding process.

Auction opens November 23rd at 10am EST and closes December 3rd at 12pm EST.


    Serious about a piece of artwork, but want a bit more detail? Additional images of the piece you are interested in and further details from the artist can be provided upon request. If you have questions or inquiries about the auction or individual pieces of artwork please email

    If you are experiencing technical problems in the bidding process, please email



    Wolf head study wbszWolf Study – 8″ x 10″ PRINT from an acrylic painting, Unframed

    Quantity: 3,  $25 (per print)




    Conjuring House Rock – 20″ x 30″ PRINT, Thunderhouse Gorge on the Missinaibi River, Northern Ontario, Unframed promotional prints by Mad River Canoe Company

    Quantity: 20, $25 (per print)


    Morning Workout wbsz

    Morning Workout – 16″ x 20″ PRINT from acrylic painting, Unframed

    Quantity: 100, $25 (per print)